Sunday, March 21, 2010

Better and Better

I said it. I said, "I love my life." I said it not knowing that the affirmation would make the statement even more true. I had no idea of the joy that was waiting around the corner. That joy is my new grandson Jace Christopher. Already the light of my already loved life, this event has taken my life giant strides towards being even better! His mother and father, Sandy and Steve, are happy - how could they not be? That makes me very happy. I thank God for my miracles and am grateful every day for the wonders in my humble life. I wish on stars, I blow out birthday candles with fervent wishes going up to the skies. I wish on eyelashes, I see four leaf clovers as answers to my prayers. I pray. And every prayer, every wish has been the same for several years. With the birth of Jace Christopher I have learned that the daily and nightly and ever-present prayer has been answered. All those wishes have come true.

Will I stop wishing? Will I stop praying? Never. A dear old friend taught me many years ago the phrase: have an attitude of gratitude. I do. I learned that as a child, with the song lyrics, "I count my blessings instead of sheep...and I fall asleep, counting my blessings." I will always wish for the same things...not material goods, but heart-things. I will always pray my thanks. I will always count my blessings, of which there are many - and one more this month, that shines above all the others.

I am happy.

(Maybe that's why I keep those tickets...eternally optimistic.)

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