Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Favorite Tea

I'm a tea drinker. I don't like coffee. I love peach black tea. It's hard to find without other flavors mixed in. I can find peach herbal teas, but seldom find a good black peach tea. I stockpile it when I do.

Now I have found a new favorite. Hedley's Jasmine Green Tea. Oh! It is heavenly. Sitting on the patio with my first cup of it last week, I wasn't even thinking of whether it would be good or bad when I took my first sip. It was pleasantly aromatic, and the taste was wonderful. It's my new favorite.

I had bought this tin of tea at a local discount store. They often have odd lots, and I had no idea when I'd purchased it. A trip to that store was in order. I didn't want to run out. The tea was grown in Vietnam. Imagine twenty years ago sipping tea from Vietnam in my own backyard. Unimaginable. Imagine that it would be so good. Equally unimaginable. My first trip to the store was disappointing. They had Hedley's little green tins, but they were not Jasmine! Disappointment.

Yesterday I stopped in another branch of the store and remembered that I'd bought tea there not too long ago. Voila! I bought four tins of 40. At two cups a day, I'm going to have to intersperse some others to make this little stash last...or seek out more. It's so nice.

A little research has led me to these links. First, to read another review of this wonderful tea, click here. Second, you can purchase this tea from Amazon when they have it in stock, or from Tea Masters Ceylon .

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