Sunday, June 6, 2010

That DNA

On the second Bob Newhart show - the one with Larry, Darryl and Darryl - Larry admired his two brothers and said, "There's somethin so great about that DNA". I loved that line and thought of it today when I was holding my very sleepy grandson.

He is his daddy's son. No doubt about it. The DNA is strong. He looks like him - and like many in my family for various reasons. He has Mike's and Roger's cowlicks in the front of his hair. I can see Mike sometimes, and Roger at other times. He has his Mommy's eyes and mouth...except his eyes are blue and hers are dark brown like mine. He looks a lot like her. He has his grandfather's blue, blue eyes. He has his Daddy's eyebrows...and mine...and Chris's. Having mine, he has my mother's too. That DNA runs strong. He is a very good mix of his Mommy and Daddy, with a whole lot of his daddy's family DNA thrown in for fun. He is named for his Mommy's uncle and for his own uncle - his daddy's brother Chris. Most people who know the family immediately say, "Oh! He looks like Chris!" And he does. He is Jace the Face, Jace Christopher, and he is a totally beautiful baby boy.

But what made me think of the DNA today and Larry's proclamation about the greatness of it was his daddy (my son.) When Jace is sleepy he thrusts his head back and forth into my shoulders when I'm trying to ease him into sleep. Back and forth, head butting as he turns his head from side to side. It is not a timid baby move. It is a thrust. Forceful. It is exactly what his daddy used to do. It takes me back 30+ years to when I held his daddy in my arms trying to get him to sleep. Exactly. 100% the same. It could be my firstborn I am holding instead of my firstborn grandson. A human time machine. My heart can surely hold no more joy.

Larry had it right. There's somethin great about that DNA.

(The photo is of Jace after his first feeding of cereal with a spoon and is just shy of his three month birthday.)

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