Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be Kind

Being kind is sort of who I always try to be. I'm not always successful. Certain people always bring out the worst in me, and give me reason to keep trying to be better - but mostly, kindness is basic to me. Recently I've read a quote (unattributed) about being kind to others because you never know what kind of burden they're carrying. Today I read the blog page of someone I care a lot about. I only knew hints of the problems she had faced in her young life, and still don't know everything. The courage and love she has shown and the good judgment, kindness and common sense she demonstrates on a daily basis are the opposite of what has been given her on so many occasions.

I've had my share of sorrows, some so deep I didn't know if I could get through them, but I have had a relatively easy time, and I count my blessings daily. I've never faced the issues she has had to face, which include dreadful childhood trauma. Congratulations to her and to all the survivors of inhumane and/or criminally ignorant behavior. God bless all who have suffered, and best wishes that they too will survive with happy and grateful hearts. It's not easy to do, but this person shows me that it can be done.

Be kind. Others carry burdens we can't imagine. Our kindness may be the thing that helps them get through another day.

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