Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Decisions are Bigger than Others

Putting my own indecision into focus, tonight a friend in South America asked me for my advice on a major life decision. He's been offered a position in Eastern Europe that will pay much more than he is earning now and that will have great benefits. There will be the huge responsibility of representing his company across Europe. He is settled in his home, loves his extended family very much and worries about leaving them, missing them. If he takes the offer, he surely will. It's a quality of life issue that may be insurmountable. Though there are tempting facets of the offer, I feel that he might consider turning it down - under normal circumstances.

What's abnormal (besides that this doesn't happen to just anybody just anytime) is twofold. First, he has to make this decision within days and he is wracked with the body-aching, high-fever flu. Second, his current workplace may be shutting down. That changes everything.

Because he is a dear friend, I feel torn for him. Because he is brilliant and wonderful I know he will be successful no matter what he does or where he goes.

I am too frequently paralyzed with indecision, preferring to go with the flow, accepting the status quo for far longer than I should. It's easier to glide through life without making waves. It's easier and more peaceful to accept that everything will happen as it should. I have stayed in situations longer than was healthy job-wise and personally too. But, that's really not earth-shaking. I've always tried to do what I feel is best for those around me, if not always for myself.

Now I am watching my friend make a big, big decision and I know that he will be fine no matter what he does. He isn't sure, but I see him as he can't see himself. He will be fine. And now I see what my friends have seen and know why they have advised me as they have. It is easier to see the greatness in others. It is so easy for me to see that mi amigo will be successful and happy - because that is his way in all things.

I have great confidence in him...and many times should have worked on my own.

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