Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Calligraphy Etiquette

Weddings and etiquette seem to go hand in hand. Many people never think of etiquette until they are faced with planning their wedding day. One often overlooked bit of wedding etiquette is that wedding invitation envelope addresses should be lettered by hand. Handwriting - neat, of course - is all that is required by etiquette. Calligraphy, however, can set an elegant tone for your wedding. It can signal to your guests that this event will be very special. The lettering used on your envelopes can tell your guests whether your wedding will be traditional and formal, or informal. Calligraphy styles vary and your calligrapher will be happy to advise you on which will work best for you.

How do you find a good calligrapher? If you've received a hand written envelope that you've admired, ask the bride who she used. Ask your stationer for recommendations. look online for a good calligrapher near your city (although today you can find and use a calligrapher in any area of the country if you allow the time for mailing or shipping.)

Find a calligrapher who is informed about the rules of etiquette, ask to see samples, check their pricing to make sure it will work with your budget. Curlicues may look 'fancy', but unless they are gracefully constructed and flow naturally from the letters, they may be disguising poor letters. Look for grace in letter forms.

Find a calligrapher who is receptive to your needs and he or she will be an invaluable partner who can with beautiful hand written calligraphy help set the tone for your very special day.

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