Monday, January 2, 2012

Help a Boy Band - Octane5 - Get to NAMM

Recently, a very good friend asked me to donate something for a fundraising auction to be held on January 8th in New Albany IN. This auction will be held to help pay for a trip to NAMM in California for Octane5, a very good local boy band. Her grandson Zayne Hutchison is the lead singer in the band.

I have been to a performance of the band, which was great fun, and I have more recently heard a vocal tape of Zayne singing. Very impressive! He's been a cutie all of his life, and I was happy to be able to donate. I hope someone bids on the painting I donated so it will be of some assistance toward their trip.

Octane5 is one of only 28 bands from around the country that has been asked to perform at the prestigious music event. Quite an honor, I think, for this little group of boys. I know the trip itself will be the thrill of a lifetime for them.

Here are pictures of the acrylic painting I donated, a photo of the poster for the band's fundraising auction and performance, and a photo of Zayne:

Good luck, Octane5!!!!!

NAMM = North American Music Merchandising (an annual show in southern California.)

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