Monday, January 23, 2012

Aunts Are a Blessing

The above photo was taken on an Easter Sunday many years ago. Aunt Chris is on the left front in pink. Aunt Georgia is standing in pink and white. Aunt Mick is standing in black. Mom is seated, front right, in black.

Last night A young friend sent a Facebook post about her becoming an aunt for the first time, which was scheduled to happen today. She'd already been out buying Auntie-related onesies, and will no doubt spoil little Kylie to pieces. Hurray for Aunts! New ones and old ones too.

Today I lost my last aunt on my mother's side. I'd last seen Aunt Millie at the funeral home when my Aunt Chris died recently at age 100. Aunt Millie was closer to my Mom's age. As my mother told everyone who would listen, she was the baby of her family, and Aunt Chris was the oldest. Aunt Millie was Mom's youngest brother's widow.

Aunts (and uncles too) have played very important roles in my life. I hope that my nieces and nephews will feel the same about me. My aunts reached out to me throughout my life. Aunt Georgie and Aunt Mick and Aunt Bonnie, by example and by deed, showed me how to be a lady. Aunt Marie and Aunt Millie showed me how to cope with adversity. All of them helped me feel a deep sense of Family, and all of them helped me want to be a better person. Aunt Georgie, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Lilla, Aunt Marie, Aunt Mick, Aunt Millie, Aunt Chris - I was blessed with wonderful aunts. All of my aunts had outlived their spouses, my uncles, who were treasures to me too.

Today's post is in honor of family, of parents, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren and siblings -- but especially of Aunts. Special ladies, special people. I love you all!

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