Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moms Are Blessings Too

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

One of my early blogposts here was about hanging laundry out to dry with my mother.
I always thought Mom was so pretty, and I loved that she smiled a lot. This is her high school graduation photo, way before she was my Mom.

Here she is in 1973 for the baptism of my first son, wearing the baptismal gown hand sewn and embroidered by my dressmaker grandmother for my aunt, and worn by Mom and three of her older siblings and by all seven of Mom's kids and both of mine. With Mom and Steve are my two youngest sisters.

Here is Mom with her two sisters and a sister-in-law. This was on Easter in the late 1990s. Her sisters, 10 and 13 years older, insisted she had to let her hair go white; she doesn't like it.

And here is Mom with my oldest son's firstborn son (and so far only.) These two photos were taken on Easter and Christmas, 2010.

Love you Mom! I know you won't see this, but I'm happy to be celebrating your birthday!

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