Friday, March 9, 2012

Magic Broom -> Non-Magic Broom

A few days ago many people on Facebook were posting photos of brooms standing on end.

The story was that the phenomenon either had something to do with gravitational pull or the vernal equinox, or the alignment of planets, or all three. I tried it with two brooms. The small one managed to stand up (see above photo.) The larger one never did. I thought it was all hokum pokum. Didn't believe all the equinox, gravity, aligned planets stuff. Set about to prove it the next day.

But couldn't. My broom would not stand on end again, no matter how much this non-believer tried. I pressed and squished and attempted every thing I could to make it balance again. Results below:

I took a photo of the bottom edge of the straw broom. It's not flat. I was unable to squish it flat.

Oh well, Jace prefers the vacuum anyway.