Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watch Out for That Banana Peel!

Wow! Things can change very quickly. A fall can turn a mere backache into something much worse, and turn the level of pain - on a scale of one to ten - from a three or four to an eleven. This is what happened at our house last weekend while I was away for a workshop in Nashville. No, it wasn't a banana peel. A leg 'just gave way.' I left an ailing but okay husband and came home to an invalid. The enhanced second round of doctor visits began today, and I also filled out paperwork and came home with a little item which may make life easier before the healing is complete.
We lived in a one floor ranch house with a basement for many years. A few years ago I bought a tri-level. Oh rats! Why did I not foresee that future health problems could make steps a difficult proposition? Oh well, life is good anyway. The next doctor visit (to a pain clinic) should ease the pain a bit, and successive visits and treatments should continue the pain relief. Here's hoping, and praying, and wishing, and expecting the best outcome. I've always been a Pollyanna, much more optimist than pessimist. (And did you notice the four leafed clover I found on my way out to the garage to get the permit?) Things will be fine. Some would say that's easy for me to say since I'm not the one in pain. Not really. Anyone who has ever cared for an ailing man would likely agree that if he had no pain it would be much better.


  1. Well I hope for both of your sakes that he gets to feeling better after his treatment tomorrow?

  2. At least he's not on the walker anymore. Still too much pain. Two epidurals to go. Doc said maybe 65 - 85% reduction in pain by shot four. Here's hoping!