Friday, July 13, 2012

His Heart was in the Right Place

My husband is like most people, multi-faceted. Some see only the irritating things, and others see his sweet, softer side. Kids and animals love him, and vice-versa. He loves our family more than anything in the world, and Jace goes to the top of that list. Jace is Poppy's boy, and Poppy has a dandy little side-kick.

Our niece Celeste has been a big fan of his all of her life. She is a young lady now, but this pre-teen photo is one of many taken of the two of them together. Our other nieces love him too.

Steve has always been a giver. When we were dating he lost his job. What did the fool do with his last paycheck? He bought me a silver charm for my bracelet. Engraved with my initials, so I couldn't make him return it.

Not only do I still have the charm (and the guy), but he bought me another bracelet when we began our family and filled it with charms through the years. (My silver needs polishing!)

The other morning I came downstairs and saw roses in a vase on the dining room table.

This was not unusual. He frequently surprises me with little bouquets of flowers. But these were five dead roses! They had not been there the night before. I wondered if he were sending me some kind of perverse message.

So, later in the morning I asked him the significance of my gift. "I bought you some roses," he replied. But I forgot them in the car." (It's been in the 100s here lately, now cooled down to the 90s.) Who else would have put those sad overheated roses in a vase for me instead of the wastebasket? I left them there until he replaced them this morning with a new little bouquet. His heart was in the right place.

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